Thursday, 24 February 2011

Monthly Players Bonus at Party Casino

Monthly Players Bonus at Party Casino
Party Casino is well known for offering great bonuses and casino promotions and one bonus offer that is worth a mention in the Monthly Players Bonus.

Read the Party Casino Review...Essentially, this bonus is all about getting extra bonuses for your playing habits over the previous month. Whatever type of casino games you enjoy playing, be it Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker or Slots games you will benefit from this clever bonus. I say clever, because the casino look at what games you have played most often, over the period covering the last month, and then tailor 'personalised bonus offers' based around the games you like to play and your playing habits. And, of course, the more you play the more agreeable your tailored bonus gets.

This offer is open to all Party Casino account holders and is excellent for those players who regularly play at the casino. The player simply needs to check their Party Account at the beginning of each month to see whether their bonus has been adjusted. Palladium Lounge members should check their accounts mid-month.

Party Casino has over 190 games and so you will have plenty of casino games to choose from in a month. Check out the Party Casino Review for more details.

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