Monday 24 May 2010

Free Bingo - Virgin Bingo TV Advert

Virgin Bingo has released a new TV campaign that started Monday 24th May 2010 and runs until 4th June 2010. The ad features Ricardo Jalapeno who sings a jingle that tells you all about the Free Bingo daily double bonus which gives you up to £20 bonus.

Is it just us or does that Richard Jalapeno guy look very familiar?

The free daily double bingo offer gives you the chance to play free bingo twice a day for 2 whole weeks. There will be an hour of free bingo at 12pm and another hour of free bingo at 5pm

For an hour from 2pm there 1p , 2p and bargain bingo games.

Head on over to Virgin Bingo and take a seat in the Marrakesh room to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

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