Thursday 1 April 2010

InterCasino Software Update

It's been a short while since InterCasino redesigned their site and now they have finally rebranded their software as well.

Anyone who downloads InterCasino software now will get a installer that matches their website and when in the casino the colour scheme also matches the site.

The layout inside the casino hasn't really changed that much and it is still powered by Cryptologic, However it has got a big splash of colour everywhere you look.

If you already have the old InterCasino software you can download the new one and
the install will automatically detect the old software and ask you if you would like to re-install the software, selecting yes removes the old version and then installs the brand new version.

Not only has InterCasino got a complete new look all over there is also some new games one of which is the Superman slots game.

The Superman Slots game is a 5 reel slots game with 50 paylines it also has a new Bonus Bet feature that activates the Max Lines and makes a total bet of 60 credits instead of 50 credits, it also unlocks an extra bonus feature

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