Thursday, 18 February 2010

Cool Hand Poker - Tournaments for the People has launched!

A new series of online poker tournaments has been launch by Cool Hand Poker, the new series called "Tournaments for the People" have buy-ins as low as $0.20 + $0.02. This is less than 25% of the networks minimum buy-in.

Micro Poker Tournaments with Micro buy-ins have been designed for new poker players to allow them to be able to enter more tournaments while learning the games and perfecting their skills.

This easily beats the Poker network minimum avergae of $1 + $0.10 and as many know these buy-in costs can run in to the thousands.

Not only are these tournaments cheap for new players to enter there is also a number of things that Cool Hand Poker have done to them in an attempt to stop professional players preying on the new inexperienced players. Such as offering "Green Tables" that are not available to players from other networks, not offering rake bake, limiting the amount a player can have at a table and also limiting the table size to $2 - $4 maximum. All of these measures should keep the poker sharks away.

Cool Hand Poker has Poker Tournaments running through the day, you can find out more at Cool Hand Poker's webiste

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